November 6, 2009

Your data, professionally managed by one small NAS

What is NAS? How can it help Me?

LG Electronics introduces the N4B1 NAS. NAS or Network Attached Storage is storage attached to a network rather than a PC. The N4B1 from LG is a comprehensive storage solution, designed for easier and more efficient data management. Some of the features of the N4B1 to store and protect your data are:
  • Advanced data mangement - File sharing and version management
  • 4 Hard Drive bays
  • Built-in Blu-ray drive
  • Remote Access Features
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux Support
  • 3 additional USB ports
  • RAID 5, 1, 0, and 1+0 (10) available
  • Easy to use Web Interface
The LG N4B1 is the world's first NAS with a built-in Blu-ray rewriter. The Blu-ray drive makes it possible to burn up to 50GB of data per disc on to removable media, allowing you to either back-up current data for off-site storage, or archive and reuse storage space.

LG NAS is optimized for Small Businesses and Home users who manage large amounts of data such as Professional Photographers, Graphic Designers and Architects.
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