March 5, 2010

New LTO-5 Data Backup Solution

Introducing the New LTO-5 Tape Data Backup

Quantum's updated Backup Solution, the LTO-5 is fresh on the market and ready for integration into modern backup plans. With its 1.5 TB native capacity and better energy efficiency, it is ready to replace its predecessor the LTO-4.

Backward compatible with the LTO-4 and LTO-3 the LTO-5 comes ready for quick upstart from install to backup in a short amount of time with it's Quickstart software. The LTO-5 will have a lower cost of ownership than the previous LTOs on the market, plus great security features like that of AES 256-bit native encryption, WORM capability and the new partitioning feature.

With the assurances of secure archived Tape backups, and the updated features of the LTO-5, Quantum is set to provide a capable financial solution to your businesses perpetually growing data storage needs.

So in short :

  • Double capacity of its predecessor
  • High speeds of 140 MB a second
  • Great value in terms of total cost of ownership
  • Solid security protection and encryption
  • Backward compatability with its predecessors the LTO-4 and LTO-3

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